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Paediatrics and Pregnancy

Paediatrics and Toddlers:

Our precious gift is here, now is the time to look after them, and give them the best advantage in life. Bring them in to see your Chiropractor.


Chiropractic treatment of a child is completely different to the treatment of an adult; the treatment techniques used are very gentle. Adjustments and mobilizations are delivered to the spine and joints to restore normal alignment and movement of the joints and normal nerve function. Holding techniques stretches and baby massage is often used to reduce soft tissue tension.

Your chiropractor will also advise you on home treatment procedures (e.g. holding and feeding techniques, positive reinforcement therapies, baby massage and exercises sessions, etc.) to assist with your child’s recovery.


A thorough clinical history and physical examination (height and weight, temperature, heart and respiratory rate, head circumference, reflexes, muscle tone, joint range of motion, milestone and growth charts, etc.) is performed to ensure the cause of your child’s symptoms is neuromusculoskeletal in origin before treatment commences. Your chiropractor will refer you to an appropriate medical practitioner if there is no improvement in symptoms or if other causes are suspected, or if further medical treatment or testing is needed.


Signs and symptoms commonly associated with subluxations:

· Is your baby’s crying loud and more or less continuous?

· Does your baby’s crying persist several hours per day?

· Does your baby’s face get flushed when crying?

· Does your baby often draw the legs up and/or are the hands bunched into tightly held fists?

· Does your baby prefer being held/sleep in certain positions?

· Is your baby tactile defensive (does not like being touched)?

· Does your baby move the arms/legs around frequently?

· Is your baby having difficulty with “tummy time”?

· Inability to turn head, or keep head in an abnormal or tilted position.

For parents that have no problems with baby just remember:
“We don’t see children because there is anything wrong, but rather because we want to help them have the greatest life possible”

Pre Natal Chiropractic

Pregnancy is the greatest joy any person can experience, it comes with all its challenges, but we want make the road to happiness a bit easier.

As you know by this time, you can’t use any medication or other treatment that can effect baby or the pregnancy. Chiropractic is completely natural and completely safe for pregnant ladies.

Benefits of prenatal Chiropractic care?

Maintaining a healthier pregnancy

Controlling symptoms of nausea

Relieving back, joint and neck pain

Reducing the time of labor and delivery

Prevent a potential caesarean section if that is not part of your birth plan

Chiropractic treatment, can assist in decreasing stress levels, that is not good for baby

Stimulation to the skin, stimulates baby = happy baby

Things your chiropractor could help with: