Better Health Chiropractic


  • What can I expect from my First Visit?

    On your first visit you can expect a thorough consultation:
    Step 1: A Full History will be done, asking question like, Were is the pain, when did it start, how long have you had it
    Step2: A Physical Examination will be done. Blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate ext., to check your general health
    Step 3: Diagnostic and Orthopaedic testing. This is done to get to the root of the problems, tests will be done, to elicit different results, and the results will then be analysed
    Step 4: Special investigation if needed. This could include X-rays or blood tests.
    Step 5: Diagnosis is made
    Step 4: Full treatment session. This could include anything from, soft tissue massage, ultrasound, IFC, dry needling, mobilization or adjustment, depending on your diagnosis and history.

  • What Treatments can be done?

    Soft tissue massage
    Dry needling
    Ultrasound therapy
    Sacral drops
    Flexion Distraction

  • Do I need a referral letter to see a chiropractor?


  • What is the difference between a chiropractor and physiotherapist?

    A simple differentiation would be that Physiotherapists treat soft tissue conditions and are also concerned with the rehabilitation of certain musculoskeletal conditions. Physiotherapists often use massage, strapping, heat/ice, IFC, ultrasound, laser, stretching and strengthening exercises, etc. to achieve results.
    Chiropractors are mainly concerned with the treatment of conditions affecting joints (spine/extremities), and the muscles and nerves affected by these malfunctions. Chiropractors use adjustments, mobilizations and traction to improve movement and to correct alignment. Chiropractors often use massage, dry needling, strapping, heat/ice, basic stretching and strengthening exercises, etc. for pain relief or to achieve longer lasting results.

  • Are chiropractors opposed to medical treatment?

    Certainly NOT. Your Chiropractor will attempt a conservative treatment approach, but there are times where medical intervention is needed. Your Chiropractor will refer you to another medical practitioner when needed.

  • What causes the “click” sound when I get adjusted?

    A popping/cracking sound is often heard when an adjustment is delivered to a joint. When a joint moves during an adjustment, gas and fluid is released from the joint space. However, the sound has nothing to do with the quality of the adjustment, some joints will move without the sound.

  • Will my medical aid pay for chiropractic treatment?

    Most medical aids provide payment for chiropractic care. It is best to find out from your medical aid if you have funds available and to what extent they will cover you. We do submit claims for patients, and are contracted within medical aid rates, of most medical aids.

  • Is chiropractic treatment covered by the workman’s compensation fund (coids)?

    Yes, since 1994. Any injury which occurs whilst on duty may be treated by a Chiropractor without the referral from another physician. All costs including X-rays, if necessary, will be reimbursed by the COIDS.

  • Where are chiropractors trained in South Africa?

    In South Africa the course can be studied either at the University of Johannesburg, or at the Durban University of Technology. Education and training is 6 years, after which a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic is awarded.